Located in Leesburg, Virginia, representing clients throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.


We find innovative approaches to difficult problems. We take a fresh look at every matter that comes to our office. Of course that means we advise clients on their legal rights and obligations. But we consider carefully the strategy and tactics that are effective in each client’s case, and we are quite adept at devising strategies and solutions tailored to the client’s specific transaction, problem or dispute. Aristotle said nothing improves your aim like having a target. We believe that.


We care about what we do. We invest ourselves in each case we handle. We are therefore highly motivated and committed to the needs and objectives of the client. We believe that zealous representation and robust argument is a virtue when it is consistent with well-stated and appropriate goals.


We have previously practiced law at large or national firms, or have worked as state or federal prosecutors and in public service. We are able to be even more effective because we know how to use the hi-tech tools necessary to any advocacy effort including how to use digital records, to search and organize indices for large masses of data, and to present these materials with state of the art presentation tools at hearings and trials. We have handled a variety of litigation and political challenges in and out of private practice not only in court, but also before administrative and legislative bodies and public and private boards. We have a good sense how to handle media when the need arises. Every case is different but it really helps to have the depth and breadth of experience that we have collectively accumulated over the years.