Land Use

Campbell Flannery, P.C. is committed to providing clients with individual analysis and customized solutions. With years of experience in real estate law, our lawyers understand that real estate matters are often intertwined with contract and business law considerations. Our years of experience in the real estate, land use, and zoning industries, combined with our contract and business law knowledge, enables us to offer clients an exceptionally broad range of support.

The purchase, sale, leasing, financing, and development of residential, industrial, and commercial real estate are a significant part of our practice. We handle land use, zoning, and real estate transactions throughout northern Virginia and West Virginia, ranging from single-family residential closings to major industrial and commercial activities. Our experience allows us to meet the demands of any property acquisition or disposition, development, leasing, or financing in a real estate transaction.

Examples of real estate areas where we excel include:

  •    • Contract negotiations and closing of residential and commercial properties
  •    • Title assurance for residential and commercial properties
  •    • Developer acquisition and development of residential or commercial property
  •    • Borrower and lender representation for both secured and unsecured lending transactions
  •    • Landlord and tenant representation for residential and commercial leases
  •    • Tax-free exchanges of investment properties
  •    • Zoning and variance applications and disputes
  •    • Real estate litigation, including boundary line disputes, condemnation proceedings, landlord-tenant disputes,
  •       mechanic's lien claims, easements, and construction disputes

Our experience with a wide variety of real estate, zoning, and land use transactions gives us the experience we need to meet and exceed our clients' real estate problems. If you need a real estate lawyer who can guide you through any real estate challenge, from the routine to the complex, contact us for a free initial consultation and see what we can do for you.